At Haiti Health & Rehabilitation, your support is integral to our mission of making a positive impact on the lives of those in need. There are various ways you can contribute:

Join the Team – Volunteer Your Services

Become a vital part of our dedicated team by volunteering your time and skills. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a compassionate individual, or someone with a passion for making a difference, your involvement can directly impact the well-being of communities in Haiti. From medical missions to community outreach, your services can bring about positive change.

Make Financial Contributions

Financial contributions play a crucial role in sustaining and expanding our healthcare initiatives. Your generosity helps us build a healthier future for individuals facing physical challenges.

Become a Sponsor

Your commitment can create a meaningful impact on the health and well-being of communities in Haiti. By partnering with us, you contribute to our mission of providing essential healthcare services.

At Haiti Health & Rehabilitation, we go beyond healthcare. We assist patients in embracing life’s new physical challenges, fostering an environment that promotes health and independence. Through medical missions and ongoing healthcare programs, we strive to restore hope and improve the quality of life for those we serve.


  • Community Development
  • Patient Education
  • Emotional and Spiritual Care for each of our patients and their families
  • Staff Education

Outpatient Clinic Services Provided

  • Occupational and Physical Therapy
  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Disease Prevention
  • Laboratory
  • Physical Examination
  • Counseling
  • Child Care